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At American Mobile Home Finance, Inc. we value our customers’ trust and respect their privacy and confidentiality in all of their dealings with us. We are committed to safeguarding customer information. Our policy is designed to protect the confidentiality of information we have about you. Since your privacy is a priority to us, American Mobile Home Finance will not share non-public information about you with third parties outside of our organization without your consent, except as explained in our Privacy Policy.

We may amend our privacy policy from time to time. However, we will notify you if we change our policy. Please take a moment to review our Customer Privacy Policy.

About Our Privacy Policy

Protecting your privacy is the highest priority of every employee of American Mobile Home Finance. We want you to understand what information we may gather and how we may share it. This Privacy Policy explains American Mobile Home Finance’s collection, use, retention and security of information about you.

We Collect Information to Serve You and Administer Our Business
As part of providing you with financial products or services, we may obtain information about you from a variety of sources:

  • applications, forms, and other information that you provide to us, whether in writing, in person, by telephone, electronically or by any other means. This information may include your name, address, social security number, date of birth, employment information, income and credit references;
  • as required by the USA Patriot Act, we also collect, verify and record other information to verify your identity; your transactions with us or with others. This information may include information from consumer reporting agencies. This information may also include any existing account information and information about your credit worthiness. From public sources. This information may include real estate records, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and e-mail content. Sharing Information Outside American Mobile Home Finance We may be required to or we may provide information about you to third parties outside of our organization without your consent, as permitted by law, such as:
  • to respond to a subpoena or court order, judicial process, law enforcement agencies or regulatory authorities;
  • to consumer reporting agencies;
  • to protect against fraud, money laundering and other risks.

In addition, we may provide information about you to our service providers to help us process your applications or service your accounts. Our service providers may include insurance tracking companies, insurers, loan settlement service providers, property inspection companies, attorneys or other professionals. These service providers use your information for our purposes only and uphold the confidentiality of this information.

All our service providers have confirmed to us in writing that they do not use our customers’ information for any other purposes.

We may also provide information about you to our service providers and joint marketers to help us perform marketing services for American Mobile Home Finance and non-American Mobile Home Finance financial products and services. The information provided to these service providers may include the categories of information described above under “We Collect Information” limited to non-credit related information and only that which we deem appropriate for these service providers to carry out their functions.

We do not provide non-public information about you to any non-American Mobile Home Finance service provider or marketing company.

Sharing Information Within American Mobile Home Finance

As part of an effort to provide customers with comprehensive and effective service, we may use information that we have collected about you to inform you of certain financial products and services that may be of interest to you and which you may not otherwise know about. This may include the following information: identification information (such as your name and address), your account transactions and experiences with us (such as your payment history), and other non-credit related information.

Sharing Information with American Mobile Home Finance Affiliates

We may also share the above mentioned information (that we share within American Mobile Home Finance) about you with any of our insurance affiliates. By sharing this information, we may be able to inform you of new products or special promotional offers that you might not otherwise know about.

We Limit Employee Access to Your Information

All American Mobile Home Finance employees adhere to a code of conduct that includes the responsibility to protect the confidentiality of customers’ financial and personal information. Employees are bound by this Privacy Policy and are educated on implementing American Mobile Home Finance’s information security practices. We restrict access to the personal and account information of our customers to those employees who need to know that information in the course of their job responsibilities and to service your account.

Our Security Practices and Accuracy of Your Information

We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with federal regulations to guard your non-public personal information.

We strive to ensure that the information concerning you is accurate in all aspects. If we become aware of inaccuracies in our records, we will take prompt steps to make appropriate corrections. If you are aware of any inaccuracies, please write to us at our Main Office at the address contained in this policy.
Internet e-mail is not a secure environment. Do not send confidential information, such as social security or account numbers, to us by e-mail. In our e-mail response to you, we will not include confidential information about you.
Customer Privacy On Our Web Sites

American Mobile Home Finance is committed to protecting the privacy of customer information on the Internet.

Privacy and Children On-line

We will not knowingly collect, use or disclose information from children. We will not send any unsolicited promotions to on-line users who indicate they are under 13 years of age.

Third Party Web Site Links

Our web site contains links to third party web sites that you may find useful. Once you leave American Mobile Home Finance’s site, our privacy policy will no longer be in effect. Those sites may have their own privacy policies. You should review the privacy policy of any web site before you provide non-public personal information.

Our Former Customers

Even if you are no longer a American Mobile Home Finance customer, our Privacy Policy will continue to apply to you.

Other Information

This Privacy Policy applies to products or services provided by American Mobile Home Finance, used primarily for personal, family, or household purposes (not business purposes). We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy, and any of the policies described above, at any time. If any change occurs, you will be notified. Further, the examples contained within this Privacy Policy are to serve as illustrations; they are not intended to be exclusive.

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